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Our extensive collection of jewelry will be sure to please everyone. Come on in and take a look for yourself. Our prices are sure to amaze you just as much as the jewelry. ​

We offer on-site jewelry repair, jewelry cleaning, and watch battery replacement.

Arrow Pawn & Jewelry

Lower Interest Rates

Arrow Pawn thrives to make customer service their number one priority.  This is why we charge lower interest rates than our competitors. Arrow Pawn charges up to 12% less than other pawn shops.  On a $100 loan, that is a savings of $12 or on a $1,000 loan, that is a savings of $112.  

Jewelry Repair

Late Night

A Pawn Shop that Cares

Open Late

We understand that our customers have busy lives.  That is why Arrow Pawn is open late for you to make payments and pawn items after our sales floor closes.  We are able to pawn and receive payments in our late night window until 9:30pm Monday - Saturday.  

Pawning & Selling


  • Jewelry
  • Tools
  • Landscaping
  • Household Items
  • Bikes
  • Car Audio
  • Electronics​

Our Products:

Our Late Night Window is opened 6-9:30 pm Monday-Friday and 5-9:30 pm weeknights.


We will strive to get you cash for your valuables as quickly and as green as possible. 

We are open till 9:30 pm Monday - Saturday at our late window for pawns, buys, payments, and extensions.